Frequently asked questions

What do I do if I didn't receive my item?

1st, simply check the shipping address you have on file with Etsy & make sure it's correct. If it is Not correct, that is unfortunately not something that I am responsible for. You are responsible to make sure that you have the correct shipping address or message me before I mail your item and I can change it on the label. Once it has been mailed, I cannot do anything.

If I have mailed it and there is a tracking number, then you open a case on usps.com or take your tracking info into your local post office. Once an item has been shipped by me and marked as checked in by the post office, the matter is out of my hands. I am not responsible for the post office. USPS does not always have current tracking info.

What do I do if my item breaks?

Please note that my candles are very unique. They are a piece of Art and they are breakable. I always want you to have a positive experience in my shop so they are very carefully packed and they must be handled with care.

So please be careful because that would not be something I cover. I check all item carefully before shipping them.

If any damage is detected upon receive or due to a way that I made it, simply send me a message and a photo (must have a photo) for me to review within 7 days of receipt of your item (I can see when it was delivered by the tracking #) and together we will figure something out for you.

What if I ordered for a holiday or special occasion, but my item didn't arrive in time?

Please take my estimated shipping time (1-10 Business days) into account and also the usps estimate of 2-5 Business days to ship First Class.I do try to rush holiday orders, but if you order a Halloween item (for example) 2 weeks prior to Halloween...it may not arrive in time. Or in enough time for someone to feel like they got "use" out of it for the holiday. Sometimes I have unusual orders, also candles need time to cure and that's why I ask for the shipping timeframe that I do. Last minute shopping runs that risk for all of us.

What if my item is not what I expected?

Please ask all questions prior to purchase and see photos & read descriptions because I do not accept returns if it wasn't what you thought it would be.

My candles are not just purred in a glass, that you can make thousands all the same. They are custom made, just ask and I'll be happy to help!

How long does Shipping take?

Currently it could take 1-10 Business days to ship your item. I try to ship quickly, but sometimes it may take me the full estimated time to get your order out if I have many orders.

Domestic (within the US) packages that weigh under 16oz I use USPS First Class Shipping which Estimates 2-6 Business days. All orders do have a tracking # for you to follow as soon as I print your shipping label...under your "purchases and reviews". Over 16oz ships priority.

International: Packages that weigh under 16oz I use USPS First Class Shipping which varies from country to country. US to UK usually takes approx 20 days in my experience. All orders do have a tracking # for you to follow under your "purchases and reviews". Over 16oz ships priority.

Is there an extra charge for custom orders?

Nope, different colors and scents are included, unless you ask for something extravagant, like different elements. As I use natural elements like dried flowers, fruits and herbs, some herbs are more expensive. I will usually charge a price to a comparable in my shop. Your item will be the same price as a comparable item.

How much does each item weight?

The weight will vary according to the candles you ordered. I weight will be informed on each order.

I was notified, my order has shipped, but it still says "pre-shipment", has it actually shipped?

Sometimes I print shipping labels a day or two in advance to start the packing process, but I ask for 1-10 Business days to ship all orders. I may ship sooner, but I do ask for that amount of time.

I currently have my mail carrier pick up my orders from my front porch while I watch & wave and I was recently told that sometimes they are not checked in at my local post office, but that they could be loaded onto a truck which brings the packages to a regional distribution center, so tracking info can take a bit longer to register.

Once the post office has your package checked in, I do Not update you on your order, because you’ll have a tracking number that you can follow. I see the same tracking info that you do.

Why are some candles more expensive than the other but they are the same size?

My prices are not based on sized but on the time, I spend doing candles and the elements used.