My Story 

My passion for Candles


Welcome to P&J Candles. It took many years to realize the dream of having my own Web page. I know this sounds weird but, finally I can share with you my passion for candles.

The Covid-19 Pandemic, as creepy as it sounds, gave me the opportunity to stay home from work and redefine my future. So I realized that sometimes good things can happen out of bad moments. 

I have worked in International Shipping for 35 years and I loved what I did. Most people don't even have an idea what it means or is. The funniest thing is that what ever unusual happens in this world our job is directly effected. 

Outside of the office I have developed several hobbies. However, I have a special passion for candles and as I've always been a very active person, I decided to learn how to make candles 20 years ago. From a hobby it became a business. I love candles and the magic they create.  

My family is German. They immigrated to Brazil during the World War I. I was born in Brazil but now I live in United States and I'm married to an American and proud to say my candles are MADE IN USA.  

So this is a little of my story. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for stopping by. 

Be safe